OneDine is a leader in restaurant technology inovation. They are transforming dining experiences by helping restaurants like Cheescake Factory, Mendocino Farms, and Paris Baguette provide service the way their guests want it. Their solutions include guest-facing apps for on- and off-site ordering and payment, as well as robust inhouse innovations for their clients' servers and waitstaff, including the proprietary OneDine OTG tablet hardware technology.

Working directly with the founder and CEO of OneDine, I got the opportunity to audit and overhaul every product's UI and UX, on every platform, and in a way that would be versatile enough for our client brands to customize and populate content dynamically.

We came up with a vast collection of assets to do this. Everything from brand-agnostic final elements including a set of over a dozen playful instructional animations, and a library of detailed layout specs, mockups of individual screes, and specific use-case screen flows so that the off-shore development team could easily build and revise their code and standards.



















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