Impellam Group is a leading provider of Managed Services and Specialist Staffing expertise and is primarily based in the UK and North America, with smaller operations in Asia Pacific, Ireland and mainland Europe. Over the years it has acquired several of its competitors, and retained their distinct brands in the marketplace. The largest of these acquired brands include Guidant Group and Bartech.

The North American Guidant Group team came to me about an upcoming conference, their Contingent Worker Client Appreciation Event and Customer Forum. They needed a logo & visual branding system for the event, and a presentation template for the event’s many presenters. The big “catch” was twofold: 1) they needed it fast, and 2) for the sake of cross-promotion, the branding for the event had to work with ALL THREE of their major brands’ identities; Impellam Group, Guidant Group, and Bartech.

Because of the tight deadline, we had to move pretty quickly. The project went from initial meeting to third draft and delivery in less than a week. We decided on a mark that incorporates colors from the three brands, and three square shapes coming together, suggesting the three brands. The presentation template is simple and clean, and incorporates photo imagery of the venue where the event is held. For the type I went with Univers, which was brand-neutral, and also worked with the ubiquitous Ariel that was our only option for the Powerpoint presentation template.





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