Most Loved Meals is a food & culture brand by health coach Jill Jung. We worked together previously on her brand Honest Health Habits. Where that endeavor is focused on helping people of all walks of life eat well, move more & feel great, with Most Loved Meals she goes deep into the idea of food as culture and tradition.

Jill wanted a logo that evoked ideas of folk history, eating with family, personal traditions, and it needed to be friendly and warm.

Using a lot of traditional and folk art as points of inspiration, we developed a circular mark made up of many smaller individual elements to suggest a coming together of ingredients. The elements could also be broken out into a decorative system. These elements, and the primary mark, are flat and crisp yet intentionally include imperfections and asymmetries to suggest the folk crafts that are its inspiration. For the typography I modified American Typewriter to suggest the hand-typewritten recipe cards that were such a big part of the cooking tradition for so many families.


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