H2O Wireless is a sub-brand of Telrite, an independant phone and mobile Internet services company utilizing the AT&T network. Their brand had been handled by many team members over the years, contractors and agencies, and as a result there was not a lot of expressive visual cohesion over their young life.

As the new creative lead of the Design Team, I initiated a strategy to unify and structure H2O's visual presence, without limiting the stories it could tell, nor the flavors it could use to tell them.

I started with a quick and efficient formalization of H2O's social media posts and presence. The system nails down the logo to the lower right corner which allows the rest of the imagery to play with either humanistic stock photography, or fun original illustrations, or with typography. These stylistic standards were compatable with existing brand expression, and soon informed the direction of other assets like websites and emails.

For incorporation of this new system of brand expression, the guiding principles I shared with the team were: Consistency builds Intentionality and Efficiency, and Personality builds Relationships.





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