Honest Health Habits was a blog by health coach Jill Jung. She’s on a mission to help people of all walks of life to eat well, move more & feel great. Her approach systematizes health habits based on reliable resources like the Harvard School of Public Health’s Healthy Eating Plate and the World Health Organization’s Recommended Physical Activity Levels.

Because some people are put off by health and medical advice that reads as too clinical, Jill’s voice is intentionally casual and friendly, yet focused and informed. We wanted Honest Health Habits to have a visual presence that was very friendly and accessible, but not silly.

We came up with an interchangeable and rotating series of cheerful, healthy food illustrations whose style is inspired by Charlie Harper’s famous birds, and the work of Japanese Illustrator Ryo Takemasa. They are flat, colorful, and lightly textured. They act as the primary visual identity, and accompany Honest Health Habits through all its forms; on its blog site, throughout social media, and in print.




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