H2O Wireless and PureTalk Wireless are both brands owned by Telrite Holdings, parent company to multiple brands including H2O Wireless, Pure TalkUSA, Life Wireless, and H2O Bolt, They are an independant phone and mobile Internet services company utilizing the AT&T network.

H2O Wireless and PureTalk Wireless serve different markets, but we developed the core layout and functionality of their eSIM apps in tandem. The eSIM apps allow new and exisiting customers to create accounts, select plans, choose services, specify devices among their own device history, confirm compatability with their specific devices, and make payments. And the app does it all in one smooth, easy to navigate consumer experience.

Since the two H2O Wireless and PureTalk Wireless visual branding systems work very differently and focus on different markets, we had to create a core UI and layout that allowed for these brand variations.

The results are clean, simple, and easy for even new customers to navigate so they can take control of their wireless accounts.














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